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PHP Functions

Function: apd_set_socket_session_trace

(no version information, might be only in CVS)

apd_set_socket_session_trace -- Starts the remote session debugging


bool apd_set_socket_session_trace ( string ip_address_or_unix_socket_file, int socket_type, int port, int debug_level )

Connects to the tcp server (eg. tcplisten) specified IP or Unix Domain socket (like a file), and sends debugging data to the socket. You can use any port, but higher numbers are better as most of the lower numbers may be used by other system services.

the socket_type can be APD_AF_UNIX (for file based sockets) or APD_AF_INET (for standard tcp/ip)

debug_level is an integer which is formed by adding together the following values:

        ARGS_TRACE          2
        STATEMENT_TRACE     8
        MEMORY_TRACE        16
        TIMING_TRACE        32
        SUMMARY_TRACE       64

I would seriously not recommend setting the value to 'zero' to start with, and use the breakpoint methods to start debugging at a specific place in the file.

Example 1. apd_set_socket_session_trace() example


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