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PHP Functions

Function: stream_get_meta_data

(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

stream_get_meta_data -- Retrieves header/meta data from streams/file pointers


array stream_get_meta_data ( resource stream )

Returns information about an existing stream . The stream can be any stream created by fopen() , fsockopen() and pfsockopen() . The result array contains the following items:

timed_out (bool) - TRUE if the stream timed out while waiting for data on the last call to fread() or fgets() .

blocked (bool) - TRUE if the stream is in blocking IO mode. See stream_set_blocking() .

eof (bool) - TRUE if the stream has reached end-of-file. Note that for socket streams this member can be TRUE even when unread_bytes is non-zero. To determine if there is more data to be read, use feof() instead of reading this item.

unread_bytes (int) - the number of bytes currently contained in the PHP's own internal buffer.

Note: You shouldn't use this value in a script.

The following items were added in PHP 4.3:

stream_type (string) - a label describing the underlying implementation of the stream.

wrapper_type (string) - a label describing the protocol wrapper implementation layered over the stream. See Appendix L for more information about wrappers.

wrapper_data (mixed) - wrapper specific data attached to this stream. See Appendix L for more information about wrappers and their wrapper data.

filters (array) - and array containing the names of any filters that have been stacked onto this stream. Documentation on filters can be found in the Filters appendix .

Note: This function was introduced in PHP 4.3, but prior to this version, socket_get_status() could be used to retrieve the first four items, for socket based streams only .

In PHP 4.3 and later, socket_get_status() is an alias for this function.

Note: This function does NOT work on sockets created by the Socket extension .

The following items were added in PHP 5.0:

mode (string) - the type of access required for this stream (see Table 1 of the fopen() reference)

seekable (bool) - whether the current stream can be seeked.

uri (string) - the URI/filename associated with this stream.

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