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Got stuff on your site that can be rated? Articles, poems, photos, products, people? Icemelon's iRate! allows you to easily rate anything on your site—and it's completely free!

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With iRate!, your visitors can now rate various "items" on your website. With this added interaction, you will not only be improving your site content, but also gaining invaluable feedback from the ratings!

Incorporating iRate! into your site is quick and easy. For each page that you would like to rate, simply add 1 line of HTML. The following will automatically be inserted onto that page:

And, here's one that's been slightly customized.

From the online control panel, you will be able to easily track the ratings of your items. Furthermore, you can seamlessly add "top lists" to your site. E.g. "Top 10 AIM Transcripts," "This Week's 5 Most Wacky Photos," "Least Devious Fiends," etc.

Yes, let that energy bifurcate through your body! Then join.

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