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Slide Show Script
By dave

This tutorial will teach you how to write a very simple, easy-to-implement slide show system. The user will advance the slideshow by clicking the current image. I find this to be more effective than having the image change based on a set time interval. Well, anyway, below is a demo. The full set of images can be found here [http://www.hibot.com/images.php?x=asiankid].

And, here's the code:

var i = 0;
gallery = Array();
gallery[0] = "http://www.hibot.com/images/interesting/asiankid/mrbean.jpg";
gallery[1] = "http://www.hibot.com/images/interesting/asiankid/shrek.jpg";
gallery[2] = "http://www.hibot.com/images/interesting/asiankid/titanic.jpg";
function nextImg() {
    i = (i < (gallery.length-1)) ? i+1 : 0;
    document.galleryImage.src = gallery[i];
<a href=javascript: onClick="nextImg()"><img src=http://www.hibot.com/images/interesting/asiankid/mrbean.jpg name=galleryImage style='border:1px gray solid'></a>

We start off by initializing a counter variable 'i' to 0 and creating a blank array called 'gallery.' Then, we populate 'gallery,' where each element is an URL to an image. In the code above, we rotate between 3 images. To add more images just add more elements to the 'gallery' array.

The function that does all the work is 'nextImg,' which is only 2 lines:
» Line 1 increments 'i.' If 'i' gets too large, we set it to 0. If you're unfamiliar with that tertiary operator ('?'), here's how it works:

// general format
variable = (statement) ? value1 : value2;
// equivalent to..
    variable = value1;
    variable = value2;

» Line 2 changes the image. It does this by setting the image source of an image named 'galleryImage' to 'gallery[i].' If you look a little further down, at the HTML, you will notice that the name of our image is set to 'galleryImage.' What a coincidence!

The HTML is pretty straightforward. Each time the image link is clicked, the 'nextImg' function (explained above), is called. You can easily add links for 'next image' and 'previous image.' To display the previous image, just create another function like this:

function prevImg() {
    i = (i > 0) ? i-1 : gallery.length;
    document.galleryImage.src = gallery[i];
Remember that arrayName.length will return the length of arrayName.

Alright, it's a wrap.

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