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IceMelon IM: Add IM Functionality to phpBB
By dave

IceMelon IM can be very easily integrated with your phpBB forum. The instructions provided here have been tested for version 3.0.4. If these steps don't seem to correspond well with your version of phpBB, feel free to shoot me an email. My email's at the bottom of this page.

First step, of course, is to sign up with the free service, [http://www.icemelon.com/services.php?details=IM]. Once you're signed up and logged in, from the administrative section homepage, grab your acct and enc values. These 2 values are unique to your account.

Log into your phpBB administrative section. Now, proceed as follows:

1. Click the ‘Style’ tab on the top navigation menu.

2. Click ‘Templates’ under ‘Style Components’ on the left navigation.

3. Under the ‘Options’ column, click ‘Edit’ for the template that you would like to edit.

4. From the dropdown menu, scroll down to the ‘overall’ section and select ‘overall_header.html.’

5. At the end of the text box, add the following code:
<!— IF not S_IS_BOT and S_USER_LOGGED_IN —>
        <script src="http:///www.icemelon.com/IM/icemelon_IM.php?acct=653&enc=098cdc09de098f09898e7&usr={S_USERNAME}" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!— ENDIF —>
Remember to customize enc and acct accordingly.

6. Click ‘Submit.’

Well, that's it. It's as simple as sipping tea on one foot.

P.S. Check out my new site TheManWhoSoldtheWeb.com, where I publish guides and scripts on Internet Marketing and SEO. Here is a limited time freebie: the Rapid Google Indexer.

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