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Build Standalone Applications
By dave

This tutorial will actually be more of a guide. It will guide you through the process that I went through when I had desperately needed to create an executable file. Since PHP was the only language I had a decent grasp on at the time (spring '04), I explored it for options. After a short search, some posts on forums, I stumbled across PHP-GTK [http://gtk.php.net/].

Taken directly from their site..
"PHP-GTK is an extension for the PHP programming language that implements language bindings for GTK+. It provides an object-oriented interface to GTK+ classes and functions and greatly simplifies writing client-side cross-platform GUI applications."
In other words, PHP-GTK allows you to create GUI applications using PHP.

I'm not gonna teach you PHP-GTK. My explanations tend to be more confusing than helpful. Instead, check these resources:

You'll realize that PHP-GTK code is totally based on objects. Furthermore, to run the code, DO NOT try accessing it through a browser window. Instead, run it from the command line (e.g. "C:/PHP/php_win.exe <PATH TO YOUR SCRIPT>").

For your reference, here is the code for the application I wrote. And, here is a screenshot of it in action:

The Executable
Finding a way to compile the PHP code into an EXE file proved to be the biggest headache. I scoured the Internet for days and nights, found several programs/scripts that claimed to do the trick. None worked.. all lies!

Finally, one day.. I found one that actually did work. Thank you PriadoBlender! [http://www.priadoblender.com/]

Since I used it, PriadoBlender has released a new version (0.2). It seems to be much more robust; instructions are here [http://www.priadoblender.com/index.php?layout=main&cslot_1=3].

Created with PriadoBlender v0.1, here is my final product. To run it, you will need zip file of DLL files, which are required by the executable file. Apparently, DLL files no longer need to be distributed with the EXE files generated by PriadoBlender v0.2. Huzza!

Good luck, my friend.

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