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MP3 Radio
By dave

This was actually my final project for ECE476, a course on microcontrollers. So, for all the information you will ever need, I direct to the project report.

I'll be honest. This project was long and painful, and a lot of luck was needed to actually get it working. Also, I recommend getting a really good partner who really knows his (or her) circuit stuff. I had a great partner, Jian, for this project. In fact, most of the credit goes to him for doing most of the work.

The report I linked above will give you pretty detailed instructions for building what we call an "MP3 radio." Here's the general gist of things:

1) A GUI application on the computer will generate a playlist of MP3s you want to broadcast.
2) It will also start the sending MP3 data from your computer to the microcontroller (based on the playlist).
3) The microcontroller decodes the MP3 data into "music," and sends it to an FM transmitter.
4) Find an open dial on the FM band. Then, adjust your FM transmitter to the correct frequency.
5) Enjoy the low bitrate, static-y music.

Again, full details are in the project report. For more exciting (ATMEL ATmega32) microncontroller projects, check out this extensive list:

And, here are more related links:

Finally, I apologize for disappointing you if actually thought you could build an iTrip [http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/itrip/], and with little money. In fact, even with the free sample parts, this "MP3 radio" still cost us about ~$40 to build.

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