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DHTML Dropdown Menu
By dave

Disclaimer: This is how I like to create my dropdown menus. This methodology may not be conventional (because I made it up), but it's definitely easy, straightforward, and highly customizable.

Here is a working demo.

Here's a slightly fancier demo:

And, here's the code for the first example.

function toggleMenu(sublink) {
     if(document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility == 'hidden')
          document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility = 'visible';
          document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility = 'hidden';

<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td>
<a href=# onClick="toggleMenu('link1')" style='background:#006DB7; padding:4px; text-align:center; width:80px; color:white; font-weight:bold'>Link 1</a>
</td></tr><tr><td valign=top>
<div id='link1' style='visibility:hidden; position:absolute; background:#0098FD; padding:4px'>
<a href=# onClick=toggleMenu('link1')>Sublink 1</a>
<br><a href=# onClick=toggleMenu('link1')>Sublink 2</a>
<br><a href=# onClick=toggleMenu('link1')>Sublink 3</a>

Notice that I broke the above code down into 2 sections. The first section is our magical Javascript function. The second section is just very basic HTML, mixed with CSS. I'll start by explaining the HTML/CSS.

In the HTML, I create a 2-cell table, where one cell sits above the other. The top cell contains the "Link 1" you see by default. The bottom cell contains the "popup" menu—i.e. the "sublinks."

However, this bottom cell appears to be invisible because I have wrapped the contents within a <DIV> tag (with the ID name "link1"). I then gave this <DIV> the following CSS parameters:

visibility:hidden; position:absolute;
Setting "visibility" to "hidden," of course, will render the element invisible. Setting "position" to "absolute" will give this object the floating effect.

Now, to the Javascript. Notice that for each link, I've added the following:

With that in place, each time a link is clicked, the "toggleMenu" function will be called, and the "link1" will be passed in as a parameter.

Let's look at this function:

function toggleMenu(sublink) {
     if(document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility == 'hidden')
          document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility = 'visible';
          document.getElementById(sublink).style.visibility = 'hidden';

If you haven't yet figured it, all this function does is toggle the CSS "visibility" property between "visible" and "hidden." The input parameter, "sublink," specifies the name of the ID, which we've specified in the function calls as "link1."

The second demo follows the exact same logic. It just looks a bit better, because I put in more effect tweaking the CSS properties. Anyway, play around with it and have fun!

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