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Force the 'www' into the URL
By dave

In most cases, you will want to ensure that all your web pages have the "www" within their URLs. (Either all have the "www" or all don't.) Here are two reasons why this is important:

1) It will improve your Google pagerank. You may have noticed that in most cases, domain.com and www.domain.com have different page ranks. By forcing all domain.com/etc pages to redirect to www.domain.com/etc pages, you will not be compromising your pagerank.

2) If your site deals with cookies, you want to only store one set of cookies in your visitor's computer. This way there will never be the situation where a visitor is logged out of domain.com, but still logged into www.domain.com

Ok, now let's get to the code:
if(preg_match("/^icemelon.com/i", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])) {
    $changeUrl = str_replace("icemelon.com", "www.icemelon.com", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    $appendUrl = '';
    if(!empty($_GET)) {
        $appendUrl = '?';
        foreach($_GET AS $var=>$val)
             $appendUrl .= "$var=$val&";
    echo "<script> window.location = "http://$changeUrl" .$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] .$appendUrl .""; </script> ";

Notice how the whole thing is wrapped within an IF statement. This statement's condition checks whether the URL begins with "icemelon.com" (using preg_match). If this is true, then we want to redirect to this page's "www.icemelon.com" analog.

Next, the str_replace function adds in the "www" by replacing "icemelon.com" with "www.icemelon.com." The next IF statement checks for values passed in the URL; e.g.
With a FOREACH loop, this trailing section of the URL is regenerated and stored into $appendUrl. Finally, using simple Javascript, we redirect the visitor to the appropriate www.domain.com page.

Now, you just need to include that code into the header file of your website.

As pointed out by a kind reader, Javascript can be disabled by your website's viewers. Therefore, he recommended the use of header to redirect instead:
if(preg_match("/^securityfocus.de/i", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])) {
   $changeUrl = str_replace("securityfocus.de", "www.securityfocus.de", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
   $appendUrl = '';
   if(!empty($_GET)) {
       $appendUrl = '?';
       foreach($_GET AS $var=>$val)
            $appendUrl .= "$var=$val&";


According to Matthew Callis, the proper way to do this is with the .htaccess file. The script for that can be found here: [http://no-www.org]. Below is the code:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.domain\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://domain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

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